Papa & Barkley | RELEAF Balm // Targeted Topical Relief

Papa & Barkley | RELEAF Balm // Targeted Topical Relief

Compared to some of the other balms and salves we have tried, the Papa & Barkley RELEAF topical far surpasses the other brands we've tested.  It doesn't smell like cannabis, like the Farmaceuticals Co. balm does, and it can be used for all sorts of applications from insect bites, sunburn, small bone fractures, and rashes.  
The THC rich formula was recommended to my 70 year old father for his back spasms and pain, while the CBD rich balm was suggested for my mother's fibromyalgia.  I have found the Papa and Barkley formula to work for easing my migraine pain, or for my shoulders and neck.  The smaller size is around $55 and the much larger size runs around $150.  This CBD and THC formula topical is available at local Southern California dispensaries like at 420 Central in Santa Ana; although, it is not always available, so stock up when you find it!  It is a good addition to your pain management routine.  
Jane Kim

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