Kuzushi Labs Grapplers Finger Tape

Kuzushi Labs Grapplers Finger Tape

If you partake in grappling arts like BJJ and Judo, or another sport that requires heavy use of the fingers such as climbing, you've undoubtedly tried various different types of tapes for your fingers for that extra support, or to prevent or help protect an injury.  These tapes are made by a ton of different companies targeting different markets, and coming in all sorts of colors, widths, and flex.  

Over time I've developed my own criteria and preferences.  I've figured out:  1.) it has to tear relatively easily by hand; 2.) the adhesive has to be strong enough to hold, but not so strong that it destroys your skin when you eventually go to take it off; 3.) the adhesive/tape shouldn't negatively interact with your skin otherwise (e.g., cause a rash); 4.) different tapes have different stiffnesses; 5.) it has to be easy to buy/order; and 5.) I like the color black.

I've gone through a bunch of different brands and have currently settled on Kuzushi Labs Grapplers Tape on Amazon.  It ticks all of the boxes and comes in multiple colors, can be bought on Amazon, and is reasonably priced at about $11 for 6 rolls.  It's a great product from someone who clearly cares a great deal about finger tape!

Jane Kim

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